In 1951, Dixon Valve & Coupling Company purchased a small ferrous foundry located in the southern end of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Buck Iron, as it was then known, produced only malleable iron until 1953 when a non-ferrous foundry was added to produce aluminum, brass, and bronze marine hardware.

Buck Company Inc., has grown to 220,000 sq. ft. and 375 employees. Currently, we provide casting solutions to over 450 customers utilizing 5,000 active patterns. In the early years we could supply you with a casting. Today, we can help you engineer a new design, print an accurate 3D sample of your part for review, mount it on a pattern and run prototypes for testing, in most cases within a few days. Once approved, we can make your permanent tooling at Buck and provide you with completed samples. Our service to you does not end there. We can machine, paint, plate, or galvanize your parts as well.

We are located in Quarryville, PA which is centrally located within 70 miles of Baltimore, MD (BWI), 45 miles of Harrisburg, PA (MDT), and 45 miles of Philadelphia, PA (PHL). This location provides great transit times to most manufacturing areas of the country.

The dedication and hard work of our employees has allowed us to grow into your total casting solutions provider. Whether your part weight is .25 lb. or 50 lb., or your order is 100 pieces or 100,000 pieces, you can be sure you will be receiving the best quality and service available.

For over 60 years, Buck Company has stood strong through some tough economic times and continues to thrive as one of the most diverse metalcasters in the United States.

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Timeline of Buck Company, Inc.

  • 1951 The small malleable iron foundry located in Southern Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, known as Buck Iron, was purchased by Dixon Valve Corporation.

  • 1953 A non-ferrous foundry was added to produce aluminum, brass, & bronze castings.

  • 1970 A new ferrous foundry was added to produce grey & ductile iron castings.

  • 1972 Buck Iron incorporated and changed its name to Buck Company Inc.

  • 1979 An additional molding line and a B&P automatic molding machine were added.

  • 1980's Three additional B&P molding machines were added, along with a 22,000 sq. ft. core room that connected the new foundry to the old foundry.

  • 1987 The first Hunter 10 automatic molding machine was installed in the grey & ductile foundry.

  • 1989 Another Hunter 10 was added to the grey & ductile foundry.

  • 1990's New Hunter and Laempe molding and core machines were installed. The foundry also adopted continuous improvement processes to further employee training.

  • 1999 Buck Company was certified ISO 9001:2000 compliant. A custom machining center was added for consistent processing of Buck's top volume parts.

  • 2006 A horizontal Disa Match 130 molding machine was added to increase production in the non-ferrous foundry.

  • 2011 Non-Ferrous pit-furnaces were added to heat treat aluminum castings in-house.

  • 2012 A vertical 3 axis CNC machine was added to produce tooling in-house. Shaker tables were replaced with turntables in the ferrous foundry (ductile side) to reduce noise levels.

  • 2013 A new Laempe core machine, dust collector, and charging crane were added. Shaker tables were replaced with turntables in the ferrous foundry (malleable side) to reduce noise levels.

  • 2014 A Hunter 20x24 was added to increase capacity in the non-ferrous foundry. Also, gray iron was discontinued to better align our supply capacities with the future demands of our customers.



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