At Buck Company, we understand the amount of effort and sacrifice our employees put into their jobs. Their hard work and dedication is the cornerstone to our success. We are truly grateful for each and every one of our employees and all that they bring to Buck Company.

A huge THANK YOU to all our employees!

Buck Company Easter Egg Hunt - April 2017


Richard "Mike" Stanek Retirement - March 2017

Group photo with Mike Stanek Mikes Retirement Party Retirement Cake
Art Tout with Mike Stanek Matt Sullivan with Mike Stanek Mike Stanek with Pete Wilson

Six Pillar Award - March 2017

Gerson Geronimo - Collected work boots left behind from past employees to give to new hires who are unable to purchase them to begin working.


Appreciation Awards - March 2017

March 2017 Appreciation Awards went to:

  • Tom Wiker
  • Santos Valentin Vendrell
  • Robert Robie
  • Abraham Keene
  • Caryn Galloway
  • Doel Carrasquillo
  • Ruben Torres
  • Humberto Rivera


Valentine's Day - February 2017


Cookies and Cocoa for all Employees from the Employee Appreciation and Continuous Improvement Teams



Carlos Santiago Retirement Party - February 2017

Carlos with Mark Broich

Carlos with Steve Ward

Carlos with Perry Marzean Sr


Carlos Santiago and Friends



Employee Christmas Luncheon - December 2016

Thumbs up to the food

Christmas Dinner


Christmas Turkeys for Employees - December 2016


Looking at the new 2017 Calendar.

Ryan and Victor at Turkey Distribution Table.


Luis Olan Retirement - December 2016





Six Pillar Award Recipient - December 2016


Maria Evangelista was a recipient of a Six-Pillar Award (Nominated by Ryan Harrison)



Veterans Day - November 2016





Trunk or Treat 2016


Kenneth Alexander Retirement Party - October 2016

Jim Lower, Ken Alexander, Ed Remollino







Manufacturing Day - October 2016

Foundry in a Box at Dixon Valve



Marty Herr Retirement Party - August 2016

Marty and Melissa Herr

Martys Cake

Marty Herrs Retirement Luncheon





Continuous Improvement Logo Contest Winner - July 2016


Congratulations to Andrew Merker! (L to R) Amanda Bosso, Dotty Rhoades, Cecil Vicars and Andrew Merker.



Appreciation Award Recipients - July 2016


Wilfredo Sanchez and Eduardo Rodriguez July 21, 2016



Appreciation Award Recipient - May 2016


Waker Almonte Bueno - May 19, 2016



Easter Egg Hunt – 2016

Thaddeus Stevens College On-site Interviews Regarding their Metal Casting Program

Alex Paul's interview with Stevens College

Thaddeus Stevens College
Interview with Alex Paul

Thaddeus Stevens College
Interview with Matt Sullivan

January 2016 – Award Recipients

Roy Steele was a recipient of a Six Pillar Award
(Nominated by Francisco Rivera)

Mary Galloway and Norma Miller - Appreciation Award Recipients

Anita Walker - Appreciation Award Recipient

Christmas Dinner – 2015




December 2015 – Six Pillar Award Recipient


Victor Valero was a recipient of a Six Pillar Award.



Benefits Fair – 2015

Benefits Fair Wheel, Spin for prizes

Employees at Benefits Fair

Employees at Benefits Fair


Employees visiting vendors



November 2015 – Veterans Day Event

Veterans holding cards Solanco students
made for them

Celebrating our Veterans at Morning Break

Veterans Day Banner

September 2015 – Ernesto Torres 25th Anniversary at Buck Company


August 2015 – Employee Picnic
August 17, 2015

Employee Picnic Pavilion View


Employee Picnic Grillmaster


Employee Picnic Smile


August 2015 – Judy Lefever Retirement Party
August 11, 2015

Retirement Party with family and friends

Judy Lefever with Matt Sullivan

Judy Lefever with Perry Marzean Sr.


Judy Lefever with Mark Broich


June 2015 – Sherry Miller 25th Anniversary at Buck Company


Sherry Miller 25 Years



June 2015 – Dale Carnegie Course


Dale Carnegie Course Group

Jack Messenger with Anita Walker and the marker holder she created for Jack


June 2015 – Community Outreach


Community Outreach Committee presented Solanco Food Bank with money raised from Sub Sale June 2015



June 2015 – Award Recipients

Humberto Rivera and Eric Rivera Appreciation Award Recipients

Mack Harris was a recipient of a Six Pillar Award

Regina Rice - Appreciation Award Recipient

May 2015 – Girls on the Run 5K




Start/Finish Line Girls on the Run 5K

Matt Sullivan and Mark Broich at
Girls on the Run 5K

Christie Slaymaker and sister Alexa at
Girls on the Run 5K


Mark Broich and daughter Zoe at
Girls on the Run 5K

Matt Sullivan and daughter Addison at
Girls On The Run 5K


May 2015 – Amanda Bosso Surprise Baby Shower

Surprise for Amanda



Amanda and Ryan Bosso Opening Gifts


May 2015 – Jim Rhodes Retirement Luncheon

Jim Rhodes Retirement Luncheon


Office gals with Jim and retiree
Dave Kauffman

Matt Sullivan & Jim Rhodes


May 2015 – Employee Events

Emma Peltzer retired after 42 years at Buck.  A retirement party was held in her honor on
May 1, 2015.

Edwin Arroyo received a watch for his 25th
Anniversary at Buck Company.


April 2015 – Employee Events

Earth Day
Buck Company volunteered at Sahd Metal Recycling for Earth Day on April 25, 2015. Children were able to make their own castings
using Foundry In A Box.

CFA Meeting

Dick McMinn received two awards at the CFA Meeting held April 15, 2015.

Dick McMinn Speaking

Announcing PFA Award

Presenting PFA Award to Dick McMinn


Jack Mentzer presenting Dick McMinn the John W. Mentzer Award

February 2015 – Employee Events

Job Fair at Thaddeus Stevens College

Quarterly Meeting

Quarterly Meeting

Retirement Party for Nehemias Tirado - 35 Years at Buck – 2015

Happy Retirement Nehemias Tirado!

Nehemias Tirado & Mark Broich

Nehemias Tirado & Steve Ward

Nehemias Tirado gets a present

Pretzels for Nehemias from Steve

Nehemias getting back at Steve

Nehemias Tirado & Dick McMinn

Nehemias Tirado & Matt Sullivan

Nehemias's Friends and Co-Workers

Christmas Dinner – 2014

1st Shift Employee Christmas Dinner

1st Shift Employee Christmas Dinner

2nd Shift Employee Christmas Dinner

2nd Shift Employee Christmas Dinner

3rd Shift Employee Christmas Dinner


Employee Benefits Fair – 2014

Employee Benefits Fair – December 2014

Employee Benefits Fair - Happy Vendors – 2014

Employee Benefits Fair - Prize Table – 2014

Employee Benefits Fair - Sign-up – 2014

Employee Benefits Fair with Families – 2014


Employee First-Aid Training – 2014


Employee Safety Training Committee Certified Through PA – December 2014



Employee Safety Lunch – 2014



Veterans Day – 2014






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