Metallurgical lab:

  • Spectromax XF spectrometer
  • Baird DV-6 spectrometer
  • Leco CS-200 carbon sulfur analyzer
  • Unitron microscope
  • Unitron stereoscope
  • Various Brinell hardness testers
  • 60K Super L Model 602 tensile machine
  • Complete sand lab facility

A stringent control system assures our customers that the equipment, processes and methods used for casting parts are closely monitored in each step. Constant implementation and upgrading of our process using statistical controls assures that the cast parts are true-to-pattern and dimensionally accurate. This guarantees a casting with the properties and dimensions that make it right for its intended use.

Our commitment to quality is reflected in our metallurgical laboratory. A modern spectrometer gives us a rapid, accurate chemical analysis of the metals we cast. This rigid control of metal chemistry, supplemented by physical testing and microscopic examination, results in tight control of the mechanical, physical and engineering properties of every casting we pour.

We are committed to quality checks at critical steps in the manufacturing process.  In addition to employing Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing Principles, we ensure that the most exacting specifications will be met using tensile tests, hardness tests, chemical analyses, microscopic examinations, and dimensional checks.

Our state-of-the-art metallurgical lab is staffed by a metallurgist and trained technicians.  Each charge of metal is checked for chemistry using an Optical Emission Spectrometer capable of analyzing 32 elements. In ductile Iron, every ladle is examined for 90% minimum nodularity.

Brinell hardness testing is performed (3000/500Kg load) on castings as needed.

Mechanical testing of malleable iron and aluminum is completed in-house.  Mechanical testing of ductile iron and brass is performed by a commercial lab.

All alloys produced, both Ferrous and Non-Ferrous, can be certified if requested.


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