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Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metal Castings

From day one, our commitment to our customers has been to provide quality products, on-time delivery, and superior customer service. As the preferred casting source, we strive to delight our customers with the highest quality service at every stage of the process. These core values, combined with innovation, continuous improvement, cutting edge technology, and strategic partnerships have made us a leader in the industry for over 70 years.

Buck Company offers a unique experience for both ferrous and non-ferrous castings customers. ISO-9001:2015 certified, Buck Company pours Ductile Iron, Malleable Iron, Aluminum, Bronze, and Brass.

At Buck Company, our customers enjoy access to rapid prototyping options, flexible production quantities, and engineering support. We also offer an on-site metallurgical lab and you’ll be supported by an exceptional customer service team that puts customer needs first.

Buck Company has everything you need from prototype to production, with the quality and value you rely on from one source.

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Our Mission: Working together to delight our customers and generate profit.

Our Vision:

  • Lead in our chosen markets by setting and achieving ambitious goals.
  • Provide quality products, rapid delivery, and superior customer service worldwide.
  • Encourage and assist all employees to reach their full potential with opportunities to influence the decision-making process.
  • Be accountable for executing our plans.

Our Values:

  • Conduct our business with honesty and integrity.
  • Promote Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Citizenship, Trustworthiness and Fairness.
  • Operate our facilities in a safe, clean, and healthy manner.
  • Act responsibly as a corporate citizen.
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Our Responsibility

We’re committed to delighting our customers with a quality casting that is delivered on time. We’re also committed to empowering our employees to provide world-class service through state of the art facilities, continually exceeding industry safety standards, and company-wide training programs. In order to guarantee safety to our customers and employees, we continually maintain safe, clean, and healthy facilities and regularly exceed safety standards.

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Our History

More than 70 Years of Excellence

Our roots date back to the early 19th century. Located in Quarryville, PA, Buck Company was originally Buck Iron. In the early days, Buck was a pacesetter in the foundry industry for malleable iron castings. Soon after, a non-ferrous foundry was added to produce aluminum, brass, and bronze marine hardware. In 1970, Buck added grey and ductile iron castings to complement its already successful malleable product lines. Automated molding lines were adopted in the ’80s, automated core manufacturing equipment was installed in the ’90s, and CNC machining was added to offer customers turnkey solutions in the early 2000s.

We have come a long way in the past 70 years, and we are very proud to have stood the test of time when so many foundries have been forced to close their doors. We have been fortunate to have a great customer base and we continue to be a leader in the industry.

With hard work and innovation, we look forward to continuing to serve our customers for decades to come.

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