Buck Company’s in-house engineering team works with you from the onset of the project to ensure the final casting meets your exact requirements.


Engineering and Design for Casting

From your first conversation with our engineers you’ll immediately notice a difference in how you work with Buck Company. We focus on delivering the highest quality cast parts and products through a collaborative process. Our engineers use innovative tools to help us model pouring and solidification, scan parts, 3D print prototypes, and make our customers’ vision a reality.

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Meeting Your Requirements

We’re dedicated to making sure the end casting meets the requirements identified by your engineering team.

State of the Art Equipment

Our team combines expert knowledge with robust engineering equipment such as scanning arms, solidification modeling software, and 3D printers.

Quality Assurance

With our ISO 9001 Certification, our engineers ensure manufactured parts are cast and finished to the highest quality standards.

Solidification Modelling

Our engineering team uses an autonomous engineering technology to produce accurate layouts and optimize manufacturing.

Rapid Prototyping

Our rapid prototyping capabilities can move your project from design to evaluation to production in far less time than traditional methods.

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Tell us about your casting needs

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