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Employee Spotlight: Gerson Guerrero

Learn more about Gerson Guerrero, a dedicated member of our #FoundryFamily focused on always going above and beyond.

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Employee Spotlight: Alfredo Candelaria

Learn more about Alfredo Candelaria, a key member of our #FoundryFamily for the last 25 years.

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Employee Spotlight: Santia Torres

Santia Torres has been a #FoundryFamily member for the last 25 years. Get to know her more and tell her Congrats on this milestone!

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Employee Spotlight: 2023 Summer Interns

Take a minute to meet two integral parts of our #FoundryFamily this summer: our interns Nimai and David.

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Components of Innovation in Best-in-Class Foundries

Leading foundries are using innovative technology and processes to make sure their work meets or exceeds client goals. When considering a foundry to work with, look at how they’re using technology to improve their production processes.

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Employee Spotlight: Richard Earle

Richard Earle has been an integral part of our maintenance and project management teams since joining us a year ago. We are lucky to have him as a member of our Foundry Family.

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Finding a Foundry That’s the “Best of the Best”

When looking for a foundry for your casting needs, you may find they make similar claims about their quality, their experience, capabilities, and more. So, how can you be sure you’re getting the “best of the best”? As you research your options, keep an eye out for these key differentiators that can guide your decision making.

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Buck Company: More Than Just a Job

Over 80 employees have worked at Buck Company for 10 years or more, evidence that when you work for Buck Company, you're getting more than just a job, you're getting a path to a career.

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Employee Spotlight: Jay Rohrer

Take a look into Jay Rohrer's 60+ years at Buck Company in his Employee Spotlight.

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Why Does Our Foundry Family Love Buck Company?

We took a moment to walk around the foundry and ask our Buck Company co-workers what is their favorite part of working at Buck Company.

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