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Employee Spotlight: Reinaldo Rodriguez Batista

Meet Reinaldo Rodriguez Batista from our VS1 department.

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Employee Spotlight: Jamie Louthian

Jamie is a part of our accounting department and has been a member of our Foundry Family for 18 years. She is fun to work with and has a knack for learning.

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Employee Spotlight: Reime Terrero

Reime Terrero has been a true asset to our VS1 department for the past 5 years, he works hard, is always up to the challenge, and dedicates himself to satisfying our customers' needs every day.

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Buck Company Expands Casting Capabilities with Richmond Foundry, LLC

Richmond Foundry, LLC has been added to the Dixon Group family of companies. This addition will allow Buck Company to focus on aluminum castings as Richmond will take on all brass and bronze casting work.

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New Foxall Machines Added to Foundry

Buck Company is excited to announce the addition of two new Foxall Automated Casting Finishing Cells to our foundry floor.

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Employee Spotlight: Tina Peak

If you've booked a project that involves Non Ferrous materials it's likely you might already know Tina Peak. If not, well say hi!

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Employee Spotlight: Sean McCormick

Say hi to Sean McCormick. He works in our engineering department where he gets to put his problem-solving skills to use daily helping Buck Company clients.

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Employee Spotlight: Victor Valero

Victor was nominated by his team for this spotlight. He's too modest to share this himself, but this place couldn't run without him.

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The Top Reasons to Work In Manufacturing

If you are just starting out your career, or are looking to make a change, a job in manufacturing might be right for you. Top reasons to consider working in this industry include good pay, educational opportunities, job stability, a positive work environment, and more. Learn more about the top reasons to work in manufacturing and see what opportunities await you.

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