Employee Spotlight: Richard Earle

August 14th, 2023

Meet Richard Earle

We produce the highest quality castings and are committed to our customers. We live by the mindset that we are successful when our customers are successful. What is at the heart of that success? It is our dedicated and talented team…including Richard Earle.

Richard has been part of our Foundry Family for a little over a year and has already made a big impact. His interest in rebuilding projects and knack for problem-solving keeps all of our projects running smoothly. We are lucky to have him.

Thank you for all you do, Richard!


Quick Facts About Richard

Department: Maintenance / Project Manager

Number of years with Buck Company: 1 Year



Q: What does your role at Buck Company entail?

A: I plan and manage projects in and out of the plant that help us update and improve operations. I also maintain the onsite landfill and address environmental issues involved with the operation of the plant. As needed, I assist management.

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Q: Tell us about your favorite project or job you’ve worked on in your years with Buck Company?

A: The projects like rebuilding the Auto Pour interest me the most.

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Q: Can you describe what it’s like working for Buck Company in 5 words?

A: Hard work for body & mind.ow how to put it into just 5 words.


Q: What’s the best advice you can give to someone who’s just starting their career?

A: Don’t be afraid to change and learn something new and constantly improve.

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Q: What’s your favorite memory from working at Buck Company?

A: Meeting new people.

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Q: What drew you to Buck Company initially? How has Buck changed since then?

A: I was looking for something different. I’ve only been here a year but there’s always change as things constantly get updated. It keeps it interesting.

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Q: How has Buck Company helped you in your career development?

A: Besides having a better commute, I’ve had opportunities for self-improvement and advancement offered to me that I didn’t have previously.

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