Employee Spotlight: Jamie Louthian

May 19th, 2022

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Our commitment to customer success drives us to produce the highest quality casting, at the best possible value with truly superior client service. We’re successful when our customers are successful. We are proud that at the heart of that success, you’ll find our dedicated and talented team including Jamie Louthian.

Our Foundry Family would not be complete without Jamie. The energy she has in the workplace is contagious and this place couldn’t run without her.

Thank you for all you do, Jamie!

Jamie Louthian: Employee Spotlight

Quick Facts About Jamie18 Years

Department: Accounting

Number of years with Buck Company: 18

Fun Fact: I can play a few songs on the harmonica, not well, but maybe one day I will be the next harmonica playing sensation.



Q: What does your role at Buck Company entail?

A: I set up new Customers and Suppliers. Billing, Credits, Cash Receipts, Collections, shipments from our outside vendors, export paperwork, and evaluate part costing.

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Q: What was your favorite project you worked on at Buck company?

A: Re-quoting parts. I get to work with our production team to evaluate costing for our parts to make sure we are profitable. I like to investigate and learn how our parts are made.

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Q: Can you describe what it’s like working at Buck Company in 5 words?

A: Exciting, Challenging, Rewarding, Fast-paced, Satisfying

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Q: Why would you recommend working at Buck Company to a friend?

A: Buck is committed to safety, and they offer training and learning opportunities for growth. There is never a dull day at the Buck. Plus, I think it is awesome to work for a company that melts a piece of scrap metal and turns it into parts that are used in many vital industries across the nation. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

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Q: What’s the best piece of advice you can give to someone who’s just starting their career?

A: Be patient, ask questions, have an open mind, and be accepting of change. Do your best and always give it 100%.

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Q: What’s your favorite memory of working at Buck Company?

A: I have a lot of great memories here. One that stands out the most, we had a young gal helping out in accounting and she had to refill the red ink in our stamp for invoices. It seemed like a small task that didn’t need much instruction. She refilled the stamp and didn’t use it the rest of the day. I was the next person to use the stamp and red ink exploded everywhere. She never had to refill ink before, and she grossly overfilled the stamp. Lesson learned, my hands were red for days and that stamp was never the same, it was eventually replaced years later. But even when I use the new stamp I proceed with caution and have a nice chuckle.

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Q: How has Buck Company helped you in your career development?

A: Lots of training and support along the way. I’ve attended college classes geared to what I do here and received my associates degree. Buck has sent me for leadership training and I have been asked to take part of many kaizens to help improve internal processes.


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