Employee Spotlight: Jay Rohrer

May 15th, 2023

Meet Jay Rohrer: Celebrating 60 Years at Buck Company

At Buck Company, we are proud to recognize our team members who have made significant contributions to our growth and success. Today, we are thrilled to showcase Jay Rohrer, who has been with us for an impressive 60 years as the Lead in Annealing, a role that he has been dedicated to for most of his career.

Jay’s deep expertise in annealing and his unwavering commitment to excellence have contributed to Buck’s success. He takes great pride in his work and has been involved in numerous projects, including the installation of Aluminum furnaces, which required his team to travel to Canada to learn about the process and bring it back to Buck.

His deep knowledge of annealing has helped the company stay ahead of the curve, ensuring that we remain a preferred source for our clients. We are grateful for his decades of service and look forward to his continued contributions to our team.

Jay Rohrer Spotlight
44 Years

Quick Facts About Jay

Department: Annealing

Number of years with Buck Company: 60 Years

Fun Fast Fact:  Loves his fast cars and music (has 2 Challengers) 💨💨💨



Q: What does your role at Buck Company entail?

A: As the Lead in Annealing, my role at Buck Company involves overseeing the quality of annealing processes. Essentially, my job is to ensure that these processes are executed efficiently and accurately to produce high-quality castings for our customers.

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Q: Tell us about your favorite project or job you’ve worked on in your years with Buck Company?

A: One of my favorite projects during my time at Buck Company was when we put in the Aluminum furnaces. My team and I traveled to the Dixon plant in Canada to see the process and learn from the experts. We then applied what we learned back at Buck and were able to improve our own processes. It was a great experience to work collaboratively with other professionals in our industry and to see the benefits of implementing new technologies and techniques.

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Q: Can you describe what it’s like working for Buck Company in 5 words?

A: It’s my life’s work, I don’t know how to put it into just 5 words.

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Q: What’s your favorite memory from working at Buck Company?

A: One of my favorite memories from working at Buck Company is from my first few years on the job. I was learning how everything worked, looking back, it was a formative time in my career, and I am grateful for the experiences and lessons I learned during those early years.

Q: What drew you to Buck Company initially? How has Buck changed since then?

A: My father-in-law worked here for many years and told me that it was a good opportunity, and I’m grateful he did. There have been too many changes to name since then. You have to go with the times.


Q: Why would you recommend working at Buck Company to a friend?

A: It is a good job, and it could be a good job for life if you stay at it.

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