Employee Spotlight: Roy Steele

August 5th, 2022

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Our commitment to customer success drives us to produce the highest quality casting, at the best possible value with truly superior client service. We’re successful when our customers are successful. We are proud that at the heart of that success, you’ll find our dedicated and talented team including Roy Steele.

Roy has been a proud member of our Foundry Family for 44 years. He is a skilled and dedicated member of the team. His passion for learning and improving not only makes Roy a better employee, but elevates everyone around him.

Thank you for all you do, Roy!

Roy Steele

Quick Facts About Roy44 Years

Department: Core Room

Number of years with Buck Company: 44

Fun Fact: Plays the Drums AND Guitar 🥁🎸


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Q: What was your favorite project(s) you worked on at Buck company?

A: My favorite projects I’ve worked on have been C.I. (Continuous Improvement) classes and working together to get better.

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Q: Can you describe what it’s like working at Buck Company in 5 words?

A: A way to learn today!

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Q: What’s the best piece of advice you can give to someone who’s just starting their career?

A: Give it a chance.

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Q: What’s your favorite memory of working at Buck Company?

A: Santa Claus and Ms.Claus coming to visit.

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Q: What drew you to Buck Company initially? And what has changed since you started working at Buck?

A: Job/Technical progress moving forward is what initially drew me to Buck.The benefits of liberal vacation and PTO.


Q: Final Note:

A: Buck Company offers an opportunity for anyone to learn a skill.. While doing this you will earn a decent living. If you put in the effort you can succeed. Here there is equal opportunity for all. Learning a skill, benefits, and good wages are the reward for choosing to work here.


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