Employee Spotlight: Victor Valero

December 15th, 2021

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Not your traditional job shop foundry, Buck Company blends technology and innovation with a production approach to deliver ferrous and non-ferrous castings. At the heart of our operation, you’ll find our dedicated and talented team including Victor Valero.

Victor was nominated by his team for this spotlight and we loved the idea of highlighting his contributions to our success. He’s too modest to share this himself, but this place couldn’t run without him. His dedication, work ethic, and positive energy make him a true asset to our team.

Thank you for all you do, Victor!

Employee Spotlight: Victor Valero


Quick Facts About Victor

Department: Janitor

Years with Buck Company: 7 Years and 5 Months

Fun Fact: Victor is from Venezuela.



Q: What does your role at Buck Company entail?

A: Mi roll es tener una buena higiene en cada departamento y tener todo en orden en las diferente area de trabajo.
My role is to maintain proper hygiene levels in each department and inspect for problems.

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Q: Can you tell us about your favorite project you’ve worked on since your time with Buck Company?

A: En los diferentes proyectos que he trabajado el mas sobresaliente fue pintando los diferentes areas de la compañia.
Out of all the projects I’ve worked on, my favorite was painting the company. {Editor’s Note: This project took over eight months to complete and while no one remembers exactly how much paint it took, we do remember it was a LOT!}

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Q: Describe what it’s like working at Buck Company in a few words.

A: Trabajar en una gran familia.
Working in a big family.

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Q: What’s the best advice you can give someone who’s just starting their career?

A: El mejor consejo que yo le puedo ofrecer es seguir asia adelante y hacer su trabajo lo mejor posible.
The best advice I can offer is to keep moving forward and do your best job possible.

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Q: What is your favorite memory working at Buck Company?

A: Mi memoria favorita es la comida de Navidad, porque nos reunimos todos los empleados a compartir.
My favorite memory is the Christmas meal because the entire staff was able to share it together.

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Q: What drew you to Buck Company initially?

A: Lo que me motivo en iniciar en Buck fue que es una compañia prospera y solida y atravez de los años se ha ido fortaleciendo mas.
What motivated me to start at Buck was that it is a prosperous company that has gotten stronger throughout the years.

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Q: How has Buck Company helped you in your career development?

A: Me a ayudado a desarollar mis habilidades y fortalecer mis debilidades a lo largo de los años que he estado allí.
Buck has helped me develop my skills and strengthen my weaknesses.


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