New Foxall Machines Added to Foundry

April 12th, 2022

Finishing Capacity to Increase with New Machines


Buck Company is excited to announce the addition of two new Foxall Automated Casting Finishing Cells to our foundry floor. Installation of one of the new machines was just completed and the second is scheduled for mid-summer. This automation is in addition to the existing fully-integrated Foxall robotic grinding cell currently in full operation at our Quarryville, PA facility.

Dennis Basham, Senior Vice President of Operations explained that “the expanded capacity of these new Foxall Machines into our production lineup strengthens our commitment to provide customers with quality, on-time products, while making a safer workplace for our employees. We are dedicated to continuous innovation and improvement, and these Foxall machines will move us further into the future of the foundry industry.”

Operator working at Foxall station at Buck CompanyA Foundry For The Future

The benefit of the Foxall machines, and automated finishing in general, is 3-fold:

  • Creates a safer work environment
  • Provides a more consistent finish to castings
  • Increases throughput and efficiency

The Foxall Automated Casting Finishing machines not only improve lead times, but they also provide a higher degree of accuracy and consistency.

“While we currently have automated processes in place, the Foxall machines allow us to bring everything together. Not only can we now develop programs and systems with UR robots for processes in the foundry including placing cores, fine-tuning the finishing of castings, machine tending, and more, but we can link together our core, mold, finishing casting, and pouring processes. This linking will create efficiencies in time, materials and overall handling/process time”  Buck Company Engineer Sean McCormick said.

Buck Company prides itself on investing in the future of our customers and employees, and the Foxall machines are just one part of our ever-expanding efforts to be the leader in the casting industry. To see what else we’re up to, and how we can help you with your casting needs, contact us.


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