Buck Company Expands Casting Capabilities with Richmond Foundry, LLC

April 25th, 2022

The Dixon Group acquires 40,000 square foot foundry

Richmond Foundry outside of facility

Buck Company, in conjunction with its parent company, The Dixon Group, is excited to announce that Richmond Foundry, LLC has been added to the Dixon Group family. The 50-year-old foundry produces high-quality brass and bronze sand castings in its 40,000 square foot Dayton, New Jersey-based foundry.

The acquisition adds capacity and capabilities that will benefit both Buck and Richmond customers.  The strategic plan will provide an opportunity for Buck Company’s non-ferrous foundry to shift focus solely to aluminum casting production. All brass and bronze casting work will move to Richmond Foundry. With this realignment, Buck Company is progressing with technology and automation upgrades in the non-ferrous foundry to improve throughput and quality. These changes will result in improved lead times and increased capacity for aluminum casting production. Buck Company will continue to produce ductile and malleable iron castings in the ferrous foundry.

“The addition of Richmond Foundry allows us to narrow our focus on the mission of being a foundry for the future and providing world-class service to all customers. Moving the brass and bronze castings to them allows us to expand our available aluminum capacity, increase production, upgrade our technology, and ultimately get the high-quality castings we’re known for to our customers faster” said Jim Kundratic, Executive Vice President.

About Buck Company

Leading the foundry industry for over 70 years, Buck Company provides everything from prototype to production for your casting needs. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

About Richmond Foundry

Located in Dayton, New Jersey, Richmond is a 40,000-square-foot foundry that produces high-quality brass and bronze sand castings. With over 50 years of experience in metal casting, the company serves the fire suppression, military and marine support, and mechanical and electrical industries.


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